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Where did all my work go?!? October 25, 2007

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I’m bummed. I continued my list last night and didn’t save it. Stupid technology. I kid. More like, stupid MC. Whatev. I’m already over it. I’ve noticed that some people have “private” for parts of their list and I totally respect that. However, in keeping with my usual self, I’m not going to do that. So, later today, I will be adding that I want to get my first ever Brazillian wax as part of my 101. Now, as to whether I will document with photos is a whole different story!

The next question is, do I start when I’m finished with my list, or do I start my 1001 now in that finishing the list is part of it. Hmm…I’ll give myself three days to decide. By that time, I’ll be on my way back to Austin and back on schedule.


One Response to “Where did all my work go?!?”

  1. Start the 1001 days the day “before” you finish your list. That way you can immediately cross something off the list and still leave 1000 days to get everything else done. At least that’s what I did. Who cares if that’s cheating 😉

    Good Luck!

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