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I need help w. #18 October 26, 2007

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Ok. I’ve decided not to start my list until my list is done. In my current, husbandless/ with child, state this will take more than a few days. But, #18 is to  figure out how to make my list appear on the side in such a way that I can easily edit AND cross off when finished. If you’re willing to explain this to me, please use small words. I’m brand new at this and running on very little sleep.


One Response to “I need help w. #18”

  1. slightlycheaperthantherapy Says:

    MrsFroggianna to the rescue! Type your list like this:
    1. Fix this list.
    2. Make text wrap.

    This (minus the *) will get your list into a nice, neat line down your sidebar.

    To strike out text, I *believe* that using the blahblahblah code around a phrase will make the item struck through. Like before, just remove the * from the code.


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