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#68 Failure? Nah…we’ll just call for a do-over. November 8, 2007

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I got all the stuff I needed to make a Mexican Martini. I found the recipe for Trudy’s online. I had heard that this was the best one around (I’ll post the recipe later). As soon as Jon got home, we got busy making the cocktails. Verdict? A very strong “eh.” It was good, but not the best I had ever tasted. I like the one I had at Chuy’s better. Mind you, I’ve never been to Trudy’s, so this could have tasted just like it, I wouldn’t know. I did get drunk (off of one), but that was NOT the goal. So, I’m calling a Mulligan on this one. Not crossing it off, but waiting for the better recipe to come my way.


All the fixins.


Eh. Like the A-K in poker.


2 Responses to “#68 Failure? Nah…we’ll just call for a do-over.”

  1. JezcaM Says:

    Sprite??? I’m shocked! I think people like Trudy’s for the effect more than the taste. I personally prefer Chuy’s Grandtini’s – if you find a recipe, please share!! 🙂 I ask them to make mine with Grand Marnier and Patron Silver… soooooo yummmmmy.

    Keep up the search! The perfect homemade Mexican Martini is out there.

  2. Casey Says:

    Trudy’s recipe calls for a dash of sprite. Try out our receipe, see if you like it better:

    2 oz tequila (Patron, Hornitos or Cabo Wabbo)
    1 oz tripple sec (I like regular triple sec or grand marnier)
    1/2 fresh squeeze lime
    1/2-1 oz sweet and sour
    splash of oj (optional)
    splash of sprite (optional)

    Add olives if you like them. :o)
    Also, the kosher salt is a lot stronger than regular bar salt.
    Good Luck! Let us know what works out! Happy Mixing!

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