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#93: Not complete, but started. January 30, 2008

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After I had Jack, I lost my baby weight within a couple of weeks. What?!? I know. Crazy. Truth be told, I only gained around 15-20 lbs, but I was overweight to begin with. Anyway, I dropped all that weight and then stayed home to take care of the Jack-a-roni. This means, I wasn’t exercising, getting enough sleep, drinking enough and forget about eating right. Fast forward 8 months and I weigh more now than I did on the day I delivered Jack. That’s not ok.

I joined the gym today and I’m a bit worried about how effective it will be. We (Jack and I) went over and I got him all sorted out in the child care area. I hit the treadmill for a 20 minute jog/walk (183 calories burned, thankyouverymuch) and went back to check on Jack before I started with the weights. They were just about to page me. He was as red and puffy faced as he has ever been. Apparently, he started crying the moment I left. Awesome.  So, now, I’m wondering if this little guy is going to let me leave him everyday so that I can go get my workout done. Sigh.

We’re going to try again tomorrow and see how it goes. It’s really not an option at this point in my life. I am overweight and I don’t like it.


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