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Tag. I’m it. January 31, 2008

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I was just reading through another blog when suddenly I realized that I had been tagged. Go through and read that blog if you have a chance. She shared 6 really interesting things (I think so, anyway). Now, I have a lot to live up to.  So, I’m supposed to share 6 things about myself (yikes) and then tag 6 more people. Here goes nothing.

1. I wish that I hadn’t come back from England after only one year. Back story: Jon was in the Marine reserves when I decided to teach overseas. I had full intentions of staying for the two, tax free, years. While I was there, Jon was deployed. I quickly went into a downward spiral and KNEW that I would need to go home after the school year was complete. I came back. Jon and I got married. I wish I had stayed just one more year.

2. I’m jealous of people who are neat. I’m not. I am a total slob. I don’t spend my free time cleaning, I would rather spend it with my husband, son or friends. I lived with the same girl for eight years (3 in college and 5 afterwards) and God bless her for putting up with me. I went to go visit her after we had moved to different states and I was (secretly) glad to see dirty dishes in her sink.

3. I discipline other people’s children in public. I wish other people would do the same. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t yell or scream or make a scene. I simply ask them if they really think that behavior is appropriate  for the setting.  For example, two boys wrestling on the landing of the stairs while I’m leaving a wedding, in high heels, carrying a baby. Hmm…not ok, “Boys, is this the place to be wrestling?” That’s all. But I wish the eight other people who passed by would have said something, rather than just moving out of the way to get by them. For that matter, I do it to adults, too.

4. That’s all for now. I need to keep thinking.


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