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#37: A testament to my slackiness. May 30, 2008

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#37- Help Jack learn to sttn (sleep thru the night).

Jack has been sleeping through the night for the last 6 months. That’s half his life and I’m just now blogging about it. Sad.

Jack was a terrible sleeper. Awful. I won’t say “the worst” (how would I know, anyway), but he was bad. The boy was perfect in every other way. He was always in a good mood when he was awake. never a sign of colic, hardly fussy, just the best baby you could imagine. Except. He wouldn’t sleep on his own. He loved to be snuggly buggly with mom or dad. Which, for the first month or so, was fine. But, going to bed at midnight and then waking up at 3:30am for 6 months does not make for a good living situation.

Introducing the book that saved my marriage (not really, but it sounded like a great ad…wait, let me clarify…the marriage was and is fine…it needed no saving. But, if it did, I would turn to this book):

Oh, Dr. Ferber. You are a dream worker. Seriously. I’ve heard horror stories about letting your child “cry it out” to go to sleep. This book offers a modified version of that where you check on them during planned intervals (it’s very Pavlovian). We started during his morning nap on a Thursday and I was singing the Hallelujah Chorus on Friday morning. I couldn’t believe it. The boy could sleep! On his own! And now…so can mommy.


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