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#30: In progress June 1, 2008

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It’s June 1st and THIS is the month where I will take a 30 minutes walk once a day!!!!!

Jon and I just got back from our 1st walk, a whopping 40 minutes. There. I blogged about it.

I’ve also tried to put a widget in of my current body shape. If it works, it’s pretty accurate- complete with my new tummy (not so cute once your not pregnant anymore).


2 Responses to “#30: In progress”

  1. MrsMonkey Says:

    I am impressed that you’re walking in this HOT weather–way to go!

  2. joyco Says:

    I just made plans to start walking in the mornings with a friend of mine. We’ll see how far I go and how long we make it before we die of dehydration! It’s hot out there!

    Congrats on the 40 minute walk.

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