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#60 (I think): No fast food for a month June 1, 2008

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Well, I had to tackle this one eventually, right?

Confession: I am a fast food junkie. I guess I should really say fast food only, but eating out in general. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, but I also enjoy meals being prepared for me.

I got into a terrible habit once Jack was born. Because I couldn’t find a spare 5 minutes to eat (let alone make) lunch, I would just grab something while we were out running errands and shovel in down in the car. Bad.

With Lent here, I decided to give up ALL eating out for 40 days. No take-out, no restaurants, no fast food, nothin’. It’s been 4 days and I’m still here. I just need to do that 10 more times. Easy peasy.

Update: I did it. I went a month without fast food. I do have to admit, though, I cheated towards the end of Lent. My BFF Sarah came into town and it was allll downhill from there 🙂 How can you NOT take a visitor to County Line for some BBQ?


2 Responses to “#60 (I think): No fast food for a month”

  1. Chicklit Says:

    I don’t count County Line as fast food. If it doesn’t have a drive thru, it’s not fast food! Congrats on the goal!

  2. abbysmom1005 Says:

    Congrats! I have no eating out or bringing in for 3 weeks on my list and have not been able to do this one yet. Good for you!

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