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#41: Book a spa day and go without feeling guilty. August 6, 2008

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Done and done.

Last year, Jon got me a half spa day certificate to use when I just needed to unwind. I had this idea in my head that my body (shortly after giving birth to Jack) was the most hideous thing in the whole entire world and there was no way I would let anyone see it, let alone touch it. So, I said thank you to my amazing husband and put it on the back burner- until my pre-pregnancy body returned.

Well, one year later and my pre-pregnancy body had not returned. I sucked it up and headed out there (there meaning Lake Austin Spa). That place is fantastic. You check in (after being buzzed in at the gate- which was kind of weird- that it was gated. The place is in the middle of nowhere and they need a gate. Huh) and they give you a robe with flip flops, that you wear all day- even while eating lunch. I started w/ a lemongrass “pick me up” massage (full body, even the hiney), followed by a upper leg/ bikini wax. Nothing like having a wax done to jerk you out of the “pick me up.” I then had a manicure and a light lunch (which was really hard to eat without dropping it in my robe).

Between treatments, I was able to lounge in the sauna (dry or wet), sit and read in the jacuzzi and dry off under the sun.

The key was to not feel guilty about going. The day was supposed to be all about me. I thought that would be the hard part, but it was soooo easy to let my worries just melt away. I came home to my boys who had also had a great day . Success.


One Response to “#41: Book a spa day and go without feeling guilty.”

  1. ash Says:

    lake austin spa?! NICE! sounds like a wonderful day!

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